Summer Art Camp

All weeks are Mixed Media, Ages 5 – 12 and take place Monday – Friday.  Mixed Media includes painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, printmaking, & more!  

Our Mixed Age camps are a great fit for most and enable siblings in different age groups to be in the same camp and have fun creating together!  If we have two distinctly older and younger groups of kids in a camp session, they are segregated by age (if they choose).  Everyone may be working with the same medium (such as watercolor) but we may modify the project to be age appropriate.

A Few Reviews from Art Camp 2023

Andy Warhol POP ART

June 3rd - 7th

Come learn about the POP ART movement by creating your own art prints using bright colors, everyday object and cool tools inspired by American artist, Andy Warhol.

Dazzling Dinosaurs

June 17th - 21st

Artists who love adventure and exploration will love our newest art series, Dazzling Dinosaurs, where your artists will learn how to create dino-skin texture, paint radiant and layered colors, misty forests and 3D dino bones to place deep inside their paintings.

Hidden In The Jungle

July 15th - 19th

Your artist is invited to join us as we print, stamp, layer, draw and collage our way through a lush rainforest jungle adventure. From toucans and leopards to frogs and chameleons, your artist is sure to love creating and discovering all the wonderful life that’s hidden in the jungle.